These are my personal ongoing projects. They will probably turn to be an exhibition very soon.

If you want to be part of them as a model, make up artist, fashion designer, stylist or hairdresser, just send me a message using the contact page.



Images projected upon the model skin. As an example, we can fool the eye “dressing” a naked body just with light and textures. We can also choose the image that will be projected on the model, so that it shows her biggest passion or her personality, achieving a very special portrait. If you would like to collaborate as a model in this project, just let me know!


Nude Nature

The body of the model will either blend with the natural environment or make the gentle shapes of her body to contrast against the harsh landscape lines. I also like to point out the insignificance of human beings when they get surrounded by Nature’s greatness. Are yo a model and you would like to collaborate with me, obtaining a set of spectacular shots for your book?


Be the Venus

Using different paintings from the Romanticism and Neoclassical period as a reference, the aim would be blending the photography in the painting. I would also like to recreate some famous paintings trying to be as accurate as possible.

Can you imagine yourself being one of those beautiful Bouguereau nymphs surrounded by cherubs? Give me a shout!


A very therapeutic and personal vision of horrors and fears inside people suffering from depression. In an auto-biographic mood, I would like to show in images my own impressions about this disease that so many people are quietly suffering.